Hi! My name is Carl J. Kurtz.
an Art Director, Graphic Designer, and Typographer.
I like
Punkrock, Coffee and Letters. Tacos are my favorites, but I prefer less Citrus in my guacamole.


Together with my clients, I develop everything from print materials and editorial pieces to fully functional design systems —all with a problem-solving mentality—because that is what design is about.

I follow the philosophy, that the written word is the most basic form of human elaboration, the quintessence of communication if you will. Therefore I lay a great focus on typography during my process.



« Look Mom — I’m on TV! »

Thats right! I was student of the month once — thats why this video of me talking on and on was made. I talk a bit about my process, why I chose to study design and who got me into design in the first place.

Unfortunately it’s in german, but if you shoot me
an e-Mail or text me in LinkedIn I can translate everything word by word for you!

Art Direction

Superlative Adventure Club     2020 – Today

Editorial Design & More

Kistenmacher Auto+Technik     2019 – Today

B. A. Communication Design

Kunstschule Wandsbek     2018 – 2022

Editorial Design & Event

German Ballroom Dance Championships     2019

Corporate Identity

Kings and Queens Bendestorf    2018

This doesn't have to
over yet! →